5 Ideas to Decorate an Anniversary Wine Box

05 Jun

Wine is a lovely way for any couple to celebrate a special anniversary, so why not give them a wedding gift that will last through the years? With a customized anniversary wine box, you can help a wonderful pair celebrate their anniversary in style for years to come.

1. Add Their Names

Depending on their plans after the wedding, the couple may plan to keep their own names, hyphenate or make the traditional switch to the name of the groom. If you’re not sure, why not use the initials of their first names? You can create a stencil intertwining their first initials with a pretty border for one side of the box.

2. Include The Date

While you’re creating stencils or preparing to decorate the box, be sure to include the date of the event. If the location was special to the couple, list that as well. Your wine box will likely have one flat side and one side with sliding panels to expose the wine. Consider creating one large image for the flat side and put the date at the bottom.

3. Include an Image of the Couple

On the flat side of the box, consider incorporating an image of the couple. Remember that colored images may fade or soon appear dated as fashions change, but a black and white image of the couple will be timeless and may become a treasured piece that can be passed down to their children. It is possible to create your own transfer by printing the image on wax paper. Consider experimenting on scrap wood first!

4. Add A Discreet Instruction

Your anniversary wine box may be a bust if the wine is not stored on its side to protect the cork and, ultimately, the wine. Put a “This Side Down” with an arrow if needed somewhere on the box.

On the slider side of the box, add suggestions for when to open each bottle of wine. You can use years, such as 1st Year Anniversary, 3rd Year Anniversary, and so on. Another option is to simply create suggestions such as Date Night, Some Romantic Evening, or Celebrate!

5. Choose the Wine!

If you know they have a favorite vineyard or grape variety, choose three good bottles of their favorite. For couples with a yen for travel, consider a selection from a specific region of the world. For example, three whites from New Zealand or three reds from South America would be a great way to customize this unique gift.