Five tips for an easy move

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17 Jun

Moving can be a stressful time. Not only are you and your family undergoing a large change, but entrusting your treasured possessions to even the best movers near me can be a nervewracking event. Here are five tips on ensuring ease during your next move.

1. Ensure you have enough moving supplies before you start packing.

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Often times you can find free cardboard moving boxes just by searching social media. People who regularly shop online may hang on to sturdy boxes and offer them up to those in need for free. You can also visit grocery stores and retail outlets to see if they have boxes that will be tossed out. In addition to boxes, look for free community newspapers to use for padding materials, and purchase items such as packing tape, or shrink wrap to secure your items.

2. Organize your packing by room.

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Once you arrive to your new residence, it often make unpacking easier when you organize your boxes by room. As you pack your items, label them with the corresponding bedrooom and consider using a different color tape or label so that you can easily identify the contents. This helps the best movers identify which room boxes should be delivered to so you can unpack with ease.

3. Use moving as an opportunity to purge and do some good for your community.

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As you pack up each room, set aside a pile of items that you can donate to a charity group. Consider donating items such as out of fashion clothes, worn down shoes, or furniture that you plan to replace. Most charity organizations will offer free pick-ups of donations. Purging has the added benefit of saving you money on your moving costs by minimizing the amount of stuff that needs to be packed and hauled.

4. Pack a Moving Day Essentials Box.

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Is there a special stuffed toy that will soothe your baby? Do you have medical devices, charging cords, electronics or other items you’re worried about? What about the television remote? Pack away essential items that you want to have on hand in a separate box to take with you. This may include items such as headphones, personal care items, pet leashes and more.

5. Have refreshments on hand for everyone helping out.

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Consider setting aside a cooler full of cold drinks and snacks for your movers or friends to snack on throughout the day. Ordering a light lunch such as pizza, sandwiches, or even having a small treat such as ice novelties will help keep morale up during a hard work day.