Trends In Wholesale Home Décor for 2021

21 Sep

When selling home décor items, you shouldn’t limit yourself to classic pieces. Trendy items can be major sellers. If you follow the hottest trends in wholesale home décor for 2021, you’ll know what you should invest in.

80s Inspired Pieces

Plenty of 80s styles are making a big impact on the fashion world, so it should be no surprise that these styles are influencing the world of home décor as well. The kind of contemporary decor that was big in the 80s is more popular than it’s been in decades!

Décor That Looks Homemade

Many buyers admire the look of handcrafted pieces, but they don’t have the skills needed to make these items themselves. That’s why pieces that look homemade are in high demand. Crocheted pieces are particularly popular, as are decor items that feature embroidery.

Natural Decor

People are spending more time at home, which is why people want to make their home feel like an oasis. People can’t always spend time out in nature, but they can bring a little bit of nature into their home. Rustic pieces, artificial greenery, and pieces that utilize hardwood are all likely to sell well.

Layered Textures

Combining different textures is a wonderful way to make an old space look like new again. When you’re choosing the pieces that you want to buy in bulk, you may want to search for pieces made from more unusual materials, such as velvet or corduroy. These kinds of pieces are likely to be a hit with your customers!

When you’re stocking your shop with wholesale home décor items, you should make sure you capitalize on these trends. While some of these styles may not stick along for long, trendy items could be some of your biggest sellers for a period of time. Your shop will thrive if you offer these trends before your competitors do!